The State of Influencers

Posted by Nick Taylor on 10/18/18 3:54 PM

Move along, traditional advertising; the influencer voice is in vogue. More than a decade into the social media era, bonds of trust between influencers and their followers have been years in the making. An entire generation has come of age in direct contact with content produced by people they feel they know.

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Beauty and Brains; Instagram Best Practices for Beauty & Fashion Brands

Posted by Lauren Bosco and Sharona Ott on 2/6/18 8:00 AM

Instagram runs on a clever combination of analytics and aesthetics. With its clean, visually pleasing layout and responsive algorithm, this immensely popular platform has quickly become a critically important space for brands, particularly in Beauty and Fashion.

Inevitably, fierce competition for consumer attention arises. So, how do you cut through the noise and create content that is relevant and engaging?

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Ask us about Starling AI®

Posted by Nick Taylor on 2/1/18 8:00 AM

We couldn't be more excited about our new proprietary Influencer Mapping software StarlingAI®. More details soon!

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Yes, Organic Social Still Matters

Posted by Elisabeth Bromburg on 12/4/17 8:00 AM

As social platforms continue to build out paid products and shifting their algorithms to reduce the volume of organic brand posts in users’ feeds, marketers continue to question whether organic social is still a worthwhile investment.

The short answer? Yes. While paid social is necessary to drive awareness and immediate conversion, organic social still accomplishes a number of key goals:

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GQ Makes Best Bet on “Best Stuff” Commerce Newsletter

Posted by Lance Buckley on 8/17/17 8:00 PM

In an ever-changing, competitive publishing landscape where anyone with a computer can build a media brand, there has been a struggle among traditional media outlets to find their path and more ways to commoditize their editorial work. GQ – the Bible of men’s style, grooming and gear – may have a solution as they launch their first commerce newsletter.

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Instagram's New Paid Partnership Feature and Why it's Critical for your Influencer Marketing Programs

Posted by Kara DeBuona on 6/26/17 8:00 AM

On June 14th, Instagram announced the launch of their new partnership tool which will make it clear to everyone when a post has been paid for by an advertiser via a noticeable Paid Partnership with [brand] tag, placed directly below the influencer’s name in their feed. According to their company blog, Instagram will be rolling out this feature in the coming weeks.

So, why is this important? Well, lets start with the fact that Instagram has 700 million active users and of the posts those users are seeing, 

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